Orientation & Badge Night 2014

Theme: With our Hands, Heads & Hearts


  • To build self-confidence and courage through the high elements and team activities;
  • To build intra-personal strengths in Self-Confidence, Courage and Commitment;
  • To strengthen communication and collaboration among the classmates;
  • To foster a sense of belonging to the school and familiarised students to school's policies and culture;
  • To provide opportunities for self and team reflection;
  • To introduce students to a new computing environment and an ICT based curriculum 




Rules during Orientation
  1. Pay attention and listen to your PSLs when they are talking
  2. Participate actively
  3. Observe safety (own and others) at all times


Day 1 (2nd January 2014, Thursday)

  • A good reflection shows evidence of serious thinking and questioning.
  • A good reflection requires self awareness and honesty.
  • A good reflection is full of concrete and specific examples.
  • A good reflection is thorough.
  • A good reflection is well organized and correct in terms of grammar and mechanics.
  • A good reflection shows the ability to synthesize—that is , to pull lots of different ideas together,
  • to show the relationships between concepts, prior and new knowledge, classroom and
  • co-curricular work.

Reflection questions:

1. What were your initial expectations? Have these expectations changed? How? Why?

2. What exactly did you learn today?

3. What is something that you really enjoyed during today's orientation?

Pey Ruo Yang:
My initial expectations were that the orientation programme was going to be long and boring.Instead,there were many games and activities which were fun and engaging.
(First question)

I have learnt to work as a team as there is strength in unity.I have also made many new friends and also learnt to improve my reflexes.

(Second question)

I enjoyed playing dodgeball the most as it was not just fun but we also had to work together to win.I feel that the most important massage today is to works a team and face challenges together.

(Third question)

Justin Chew:
Today ,when I first step into this school,I expected the orientation to be boring,and expected most of the other classmates to be quiet.But when the PSLs started to play some games with us,we started talking with each other and began to know each other better,and had more fun altogether.I learned how to work together as a team.I really enjoyed two of the station games called dodgeball and splat,bang.It was really fun as we needed to react fast if not we needed to dodge the ball or you will get hit.I really enjoyed the games today and I am looking forward to tomorrow activities.

Linda Tom:
The orientation today was really enjoyable.The activities that were conducted during the orientation surpassed my expectations. They really helped me get acquainted with my classmates better. Although the activities were tiring, I had a lot of fun. Amongst them, my favourite was the Scavenger hunt because it made me think and increased my speed as well. Overall, it was an enriching experience and I had a lot of fun.

Ong Meng Hou:

1.I expected the school to be like Primary School. I thought the tasks were easy but I was wrong.The tasks were difficult and it was hard to complete.However, we managed to complete it and had fun.  

2.I learn that in order to succeed , good teamwork is needed.

3.I enjoyed the dodgeball session as it was very fun.

Arvin Kumar S/O Muraly:
Question 1: I thought that we were just going to sit down in a classroom with a boring teacher blabbering on and on about SST. However, it was COMPLETELY the opposite. The day was full of fun games but I was so TIRED! I had a great teacher and co-form teacher.

Question 2: I learnt that teamwork is very important. Most of the games emphasise the importance of teamwork. Without teamwork, we won't have the satisfaction of completing the task and win the game!

Question 3: My most favourite activity was dodge ball as it was fun and exciting to dodge and attack the ball. That was the best game and I am 100% sure that it was out entire class's favorite.

Ryan Chia:
My initial expectation was to proceed to class after morning assembly to be introduced to the teachers after that setting the class rules and being told the school rules. Next giving us a tour around the school so that we will be more familiar with the vicinity of the school before taking us for a break, and finally to be dismissed after given a mass briefing. However my expectations changed we proceeded to class after morning assembly next started to play games, than continue to play more games, instead of being given a tour around the school. I learned about teamwork, working as a team to accomplish some of the games as well as getting to know my friends better through the games. I really enjoyed the dodge ball game.

Keene Sin:
My initial expectations were partially correct, I was expecting ice-breaking games, which I do not enjoy a lot, however, I did not expect that I would have to spend most of the rest of the day playing games at different stations. To be completely honest, I did not enjoy the station games very much, except for Dodgeball, one of the only sports I like. Sadly, we only played one round. Also, I learnt some of my classmates names, though I still cannot remember some of their names. I had also learnt a few interesting games, and developed strategies for them. Besides those activities, there was also cheer making which was really hard, and I could not think of any rhythm for any cheers.. Of the things I enjoyed, I refer to the only station game I enjoyed, Dodgeball. However, during break, the vending machines not working was a disappointment.

Irfan Ahmed B Mohamed Salleh:
I expected us to sit in the classroom for the most of the day, get to now each other and our teachers. Yes. We went around the school and did many activities. It was to show us around and help us make friends.

I learnt my new classmates’ names, how to work together with them and how to communicate well with them.

I enjoyed the doge ball game.

Matthew Chew:
1. I expected the day to be quite boring and we would have to just listen to the briefing on and on but when I stepped in the building, the PSLs started taking us to various places to play games.

2. I learnt that sometimes doing things along with the help of friends will help overcome difficulties along the way.

3. I like the dodge ball game and I like the food in the canteen.

Ian Tee:

My initial expectations didnt stray too far from what happened, I just didnt expect so many games, though I did expect some icebreakers. Also the fact that we were outside the classroom for so long surprised me too, I thought it was just mainly administrative stuff.

I learnt that teamwork is the best work, and that its easier to make friends with a stranger than a person whom youve known but never made contact with.

I would say I enjoyed everything, especially meeting new people as it opens up a wide place for you to explore.

Jonas Tua:
1. My initial expectations of the Orientation was a long boring talk, and a video, and then a lunch
    break. My expectations changed when i did the activities. The PSLs brought us from place
    to place to try out different activities, like Flip The Mat.
2. I learnt that teamwork is very important, and without teamwork, we would not be able to complete
3. I enjoyed playing Dodgeball.

Yoong Jun Han:
I had expected that the orientation to be fun and it haven't change yet but what I didn't expect was that instead of giving us a "tour" around the school they use station  games to get us familiar around the school and through the games i learnt about the importance of teamwork.I really enjoyed the dodgeball activity.

Raynor Fong:
First time in SST and My expectations was that my classmates and my seniors would be shy as they are hi-tech like what my friend told me about SST students. But it surprise me that instead of asking them what is their name, they actually asked me first . It changed my expectations. The PSL let us play games that actually increase our Teamwork to prepare us for tomorrow (friday) and the rest of the year.I leant to listen to others. I also learnt how to help out in the class. I enjoyed the most is the dodge ball as we corporate to win even though i was hit out. Thank you for the activities that was planned by the PSL.

Thuta Soe:
Today, when I go to school I wasn’t expecting so many students and teachers in the ISH. When I got seated I realised I have forgotten to bring my hardcopy reading material. I have learnt that it is a must to bring at least bring one reading material. I also think I have done  well in doing what the PSLs have said during lunch, which is putting our plates back to the returning point. For the setting of ground rules for our class I think it will be better if the teacher set the consequences as if we give our own, it might be too light.For today, I think I have done fine, expect for not bringing the books.

Tan Jing Yu:
1. -Initially, i expected the orientation to require less physical activity and be more of briefings
in the classroom. My expectations changed to expecting the day to be tiring after a few games and when the PSLs kept telling the class that there were more games.The outgoing personality of the PSLs also changed my expectations. It turned out to be really fun and tiring day.
2. -I learnt that co-operation was important. If there was no co-operation in a team, a team would be slowed down or be not able to carry out tasks. I also learnt some of my friend's names and how certain things in the school work such as the lockers and the classroom's layout.
3. -I really enjoyed playing the attack on the king dodgeball game with my new classmates. 

Raphael Michael Gabriel:
I expected that there would be a intro of all the teachers that would be teaching us for sec 1 but there was none. That is ok because I expect that we would have time to do so during our respective lessons.

I learnt that being a leader is not all that simple, especially when we are in secondary school. I also learnt today that teamwork is necessary to overcome at least half the things in our life. Finally, I learnt that making as many friends as possible is necessary because we will never know when we may need them. 

I really enjoyed playing dodgeball as it was a very fun game that involves everyone in a team's effort and I hope that the next orientation days would be memorable and fun as they would be our first days at SST S1-08.

Tan Kian Shiong:
1 My initial expectation before I enter the school was that we will do a lot of stuff on the macbook and stay inside the classroom and do lots of activities, but then our PSL brought
us out of the class and went to various station

2 I learnt that we have to work together as a team to acheive

3 I enjoyed the dodge ball game the most

Kottaimuthu Lakshaya:

A normal student entering his/her school for the first time will be very scared. I thought I would be too. Instead, I felt a bit confident even though I was afraid of going to the wrong place in the school. I was just confident because I knew there are people in the school to help me when I need help.

I learnt even though I do not know anyone, I can make the effort to try. I learnt that the level of everyone’s co-ordination will affect whether we win or we lose.

I liked Scavenger hunt the most as I get to freely communicate with a number of my classmates. It also let me think more and try to guess the ones we don’t now.

James Lim:
Today is my first official day at SST, and I am proud of it. Today, is also my first day of orientation.

I was really looking forward to school as I could work with new friends. I thoroughly enjoyed myself today, especially the game of dodge ball. It is the one of the best activities for the day. This is a high-energy game that is not only fun but burns lots of fat too! There is no room for dreaming because anytime you can get whacked, ouch! Wake up!!

Some new learning for me today. Besides making new friends, I learned that not everybody think the way I do and planning is important in everything that we do. During the scavenger hunt, my team did not plan well so we did not manage to see what was inside every bag. But I am not too upset, I am just looking forward to the upcoming actives that the school has planned for all the Sec 1s for the next 3 days. 

Baheera Binte Mohamed Ali:

Question 1:At first when i reached school i was looking foward to a long and boring orientation programme.But i had lots of fun during the orientation playing different games with my friends.The experience felt good and i am looking foward to second day of orientation.
Question 2:I learnt that team work is really very important for any project,job,assignment you are assigned.
Question 3:I enjoyed playing dodge ball it was really very fun.Moreover, i really think that it made the whole class work together to win the game.


Day 2 (3th January 2014, Friday)

Reflection questions:

1. What did you learn today?
2. What are some things you found difficult during today's activities?
3. How do you feel about your performance today?
4. What is something you need to improve on?

Pey Ruo Yang:
I have learnt that teamwork is very important today as our friend's life is in the hands of the belay team.We would cheer to encourage our friend to move on and overcome his fear.
(First question)

I found moving through the rope course is difficult as I was nervous as I climbed up the pole.It was also hard to control myself and sallow my fear as my right foot was shaking uncontrollably.
(Second question)

On a scale on 1 to 10,I feel my performance today was 7 as I was feeling bored and impatient while waiting for my turn.
(Third question)

I feel that I need to improve on my self-self-disapline and be braver to stop myself shaking and complete the course.
(Fourth question) 

Kottaimuthu Lakshaya:
I learnt about how to overcome fears and finish successfully. When I was on the ropes Baheera and I kept saying to each other that we can do it. We went one step at time together and reached the end. If we have quit, the thought of not completing would have disturbed our mind. I learnt that I should thank teachers, PSLs and other who were helping me. 

I found the 2nd rope walking which had to be done in pairs very difficult. I also find the first activity a bit difficult as we had to explain the steps to draw and understand what to draw. 

I guess my performance was ok. I cannot say it is very good. It was because I threw some stones.

I need to be braver and more willing to try out different things.I need to try on getting to know more about my classmates and work with them.

Ong Meng Hou:
1.I learnt that even if you are afraid of something, you must try to overcome your fear by trying to do it.
2.The high ropes course was difficult as the ropes keeps shaking and I feel like loosing balance.

3.I felt that I did quite well as I manage to complete the course even though I have a fear of heights.

4.I think I need to improve on trying to conquer my fears and also getting to know my friends more.

Linda Tom:
I found today's activities interesting and enjoyable although I gave up half way through my high elements which I do regret.From this I learnt that i should be persistent and face my fears.I also felt i have to first improve my confidence in myself and believe that I can do it.Overall I felt I have nearly done my best and I am definitely looking forward to the third day of orientation.

Matthew Chew:
1) I realized that we should treat the PSLs with more respect and not get angry with them. We should learn to appreciate what they had done to us and not always look on the bad side of them.

2) I found it difficult to build the "egg parachute".

3) I felt that my performance is good but I need to learn to be more patient during the high elements.

4) I need to discipline myself to sit down and not walk about during the high elements.

Raynor Fong:
Today I learnt that we must help each other even when it is not our turn to climb and I also learned to always to respect peoples idea like the parachute throwing. It was very hard to help the team which made the idea as the idea was not our ideas and was very hard to pull up the person which was climbing the high ropes. I feel that my performance was very bad as I threw stones when they asked me to stop. I felt that I did not show a good example to the others. I need to improve by thinking first if this is correct.

Irfan Ahmed:

1.    What did you learn today?
Today I learnt that confidence not only in yourself is important is is also in others around your.  There were times I was afraid that that my classmates may not be there to assist but in the end there were

2.    What are some things you found difficult during today’s activities?
I was afraid of the of some of the events and found it difficult to complete the high element tasks.  

3.    How do you feel about your performance today?
I felt I did general well but could have performed better at the events during the time at the high element activities

4.    What is something you need to improve on?
I felt I lacked confidence and will strive to improve on it and put effort in participating in similar events in school and elsewhere when possible.

Prabhakaran Sahithya:
1. I learnt not to give up easily and how to work as a team by cooperating with one another.

2. I found it a little bit hard to balance on the high elements but i managed to balance on it anyhow. Holding the rope and
   walking to the finishing point was also difficult as my hands started to ache halfway but i decided not to give up and i kept moving.
3. Actually, I am not satisfied with my performance today.
4. I have to cheer and support for my classmates even if i am tired and want to take a rest. I need to go along with my classmates and not stroll at the back.

Arvin Kumar S/O Muraly:
Answer for Question 1: Today, after I did the tiring course, I learnt that I really needed to trust my friends who are lowering me. If they hadn't helped me and I hadn't trusted them...... Only God knows how long I would have been stuck there for a long time or maybe even injured myself severely! I also learnt that I must be responsible to make sure my friend must be lowered safely or else he can get injured.
Answer for Question 2: The most difficult thing was the first activity. You were supposed to look at a picture and a person will be drawing the exact same picture just that he won't be looking at it and he will be guided by your instructions as to how to draw the picture. What I drew couldn't even be compared to the real picture. My friend who drew it was almost perfect despite my poor instructions. ;P

Answer for Question 3: My performance could have been better. I could have avoided kicking pebbles a others because it would have been very painful!!! I forgot to thank the instructors at the high elements course. Their every instructions was very important as it is life-threatening. Without their help..... I have no idea what to say.....

Answer for Question 4: I think I need to be more patient. When my partner told me what to draw and I couldn't do it,  I was so frustrated. I calmed down and he told me the instructions again. I felt much better and drew as good as I could. Still it looked weird. Anyway, the moral of this story is, patience is very important. If I hadn't been patient with my friend who knows what I would have drew?

Toh Yong Jiang:
i have learnt that we can help our friend by cheering for them.i found difficult to balance on the sting on high element. i felt that i have not done my best as i could not finish the course.i need to improve on reducing my scared of height.

Keene Sin:
Today, I learnt that teamwork between the people climbing and the people on the ground is most important and builds trust and friendship. I found going across the tightrope kind of difficult, as I was nervous, though not scared. My performance today, I should say that I did muster the courage to climb onto the tightrope, and participate in the activities. I do need to improve on some areas as I was not confident and resisted participating until the very end.

Thuta Soe:
 I have learnt today that life is going to be as hard and difficult as our high elements obstacle course. According to the one I did, which is the one with the five dangling ropes that we are suppose to hold on to, I learnt that those dangling strings are like opportunities and achievement , and the wire that we were suppose to walk on seems to be like our journey in SST. For us to go through the journey, we would need to let go of one achievement to go on to another opportunity, and cannot hold on the achievement and just keep being proud of it. Since there are difference in the gaps of each ropes it represents the different amount of effort we will need to get the opportunity. I have learnt that once we are high up to a certain level we must not be scared but try the best that you can do.
          The most difficult thing I find doing in today’s activities is conquering my own fear of hight. Throughout the course I just keep thinking that I am save and no matter what, I would never fall. But although I was thinking that, I was still nervous.
          For today’s performance I wouldn’t say I did very well, yet I wouldn’t say I did too badly. If I was given the choice to rate myself from 1-10, I would give myself about 5-6. As I was kicking stones and wasn’t cheering, however, I did help the belayers belay when any of our classmates are dangling and unable to get up. I also didn’t put on my helmets for quite a time.In summery, I think I can improve in my ability to follow instruction.

Justin Chew:
I learnt about teamwork and trusting one another as we needed to help each other to get one person up to do the high elements.i found it a bit difficult to cross the rope as i have a fear of heights.i felt that my performance was okay as i helped out with the belaying and sat at the side,watching other people doing the high elements.I think next time,i should help out my classmates more instead of sitting down watching my classmates do all the work.

Raphael Michael Gabriel:

1.    What did you learn today?
ANS:I learnt that that the effort of a lot of people is necessary to accomplish most things in life .
2.    What are some things you found difficult during today’s activities?
ANS:I found facing my fears during the high elements was difficult as it was quite high above the ground.
3.    How do you feel about your performance today?
ANS: I feel that my performance is OK-OK as I also did some mischievous things during the 
high elements like playing with the pebbles on the ground.
4.    What is something you need to improve on?
ANS: My attitude as I often get caught up with talking with my friends and miss out on what a PSL says during the orientation. Then, I would trouble them by having them repeat what they just said.

Tan Kian Shiong:
1 Today I learnt that when we are playing high elements we need teamwork as we need someone to help as pull the belay so the person on the course will not injury him/herself when the fall down.

2 the things that i felt difficult during todays activitives is that when someone fall down from the course,it will take a lot of us to pull them up.

3 I think that today i was not on my best behavior because while waiting for other people to finish the course,I was playing with the pebbles and not cheering my friends up while they were doing the course.

4 I should pay more attention to my surroundings and not idling around and not doing anything and cheer me friends up.

Ryan Chia:
I learned that teamwork was important during the high rope course while i was in the belay team, as the life of my friend lies in the hands of the three of us in the team, and we had to work together and communicate to ensure the safety of our friend. Today I felt that the high rope course was difficult as it was my first time trying it i kept wobbling when i first stepped on the rope but after a step or two i realise that it was not as scary as i thought it would be and stopped wobbling. I felt that my performance was ok. i felt that i should not have talked to my friends during the rope course and concentrate on cheering for my friends instead. 

Sean Ng:
I learnt that teamwork is important and also to focus on the the task ahead of us and not drift off away from it. For example, when I was part of the belay team, when we are supposed to pull, we do it as a team so that there is no confusion which would lead to arguments. Focusing on the task means we would not be distracted by other things around us. Doing the belay while distracted endangers our classmates lives, if they fall we would not be prepared and we might cause the person to get injured.<answers question 1>

I think trying to control your fears while trying to complete the course is a tough thing to do. Everyone was very brave. Being brave does not mean that you are not scared at all, it means that you may be scared, but you still try to complete the  or overcome the obstacle ahead of you. <answers question 2>

I feel that I did fairly well for the whole day, though I did do a few things that I should not have done, like throwing the stones.<answers question 3>

I feel I need to improve on my teamwork, I am still not quite sure of the names of some of the classmates.
<answers question 4>

Yong Jun Han:
I learnt that for everything we do we must have a value to hold on to just like high elements.i think the thing that i found a little bit hard was when we are balancing on the ropes.i felt that my performance today overall was still gd because i did not quit during the high elements  but i think that i could have attempted to greet the teachers next time they pass by me.

James Lim:
This is the second day of orientation @ SST. Today is high elements day! I was expecting to do abseiling and flying fox. But instead none happened. Sigh...... When we arrived, I saw all the elements swaying left and right in the howling wind, I was slightly scared. Shortly after, it started raining, I was silently hoping for the shower to stop, and it did. Yeah! Cannot be too happy yet. In the mids of it, one of the girls in the class was shivering, high above the ground, on the wire. Not long after, she missed a step and fell. Together with my teammates we tried to help but our strength was not good enough. The vendors quickly came to help get the girl back up. But their help was still not enough. We badly needed more help, other classmates also came to the rescue. Everybody used all their might to pull her back up, and we did it! Following this, we had to "rescue" two other boys. I am glad to say the "rescue" was a breeze as we already knew what to do.

Today, I had a great day. I learned to communicate more effectively with my teammates and my friends. The usual confusion and misconception are still a problem during the games. One example is today's game, where we had to guide a blind-folded friend through "mines". Everybody were shouting across the room and Mathew my partner had difficulties recognising my voice. I had to think of a way to get him to hear me. I finally came out with an idea! "Matthew!" I shouted his name. It worked. I guess its important to be loud enough for him to recognise my voice and focus on my instructions after that. 

I enjoyed most of the activities today, but the best thing is the lecture that PSL Matthew gave. I thought it was very meaningful and most of the learning that I learned today is in his lecture. Thanks PSL Matthew!!

Baheera Binte Mohamed Ali:
Question 1:What did you learn today?
Basically today i learnt that in no matter what obstacle I have to over come i need to rely on my friends to complete it.I also learnt the importance of working together with my class mates.
Question 2:What are some things that you found difficult during your today's activities?
One of the difficulties is trying to explain to my partner as clear as possible such that he could draw the picture that was shown to me as clear as possible..The other one is when you are trying to balance and walk on the rope during the high elements.You really need A LOT OF CONFIDENCE to complete such a feat.It was extremely tough to balance and walk on the rope which was so high up and when your legs were wobbling.
Question 3:How did you find you performance today?
I found that i did quite well.I participated actively in mostof the activities andi felt very satisfied when i completed walking on the rope which was so high even if it took along time.
Question 4:What is some thing you need to improve on.
Generally i don't think that my behaviour was very good today.I wasn't really very enthusiastic about the games at first basically because  iwas scared and didn't really listen quite attentively to the instructor and was kind of chatty.I think what i did was really very wrong as those tips the instructor had said could have been very useful for my other high elements as well as my future.I do hope i wouldn't do this ever again.

Tan Jing Yu:
1. - I learnt that Clear communication was important. We have to be precise and patient in order to communicate clearly. We have to be patient to repeat and improve our instruction for our friend to get a better picture of what he has to do.
2. I found listening my teammate's instructions during the back to back drawing and minefield difficult. The crowding of voices made it hard to hear what exactly my teammates' were saying. I also found overcoming the fear of falling during the high elements difficult.
3. I feel that my performance was not good and that I could have done a lot better.How do you feel about your performance today?
4. I need to improve on taking initiative.

Cai Zhihan:
I learnt that teamwork and communication is important between the 3 belayers as they have to co-ordinate when to give rope to the lead belayer and when to pull. I also learnt that when we are doing an activity, none shall fool around, an example is when we are making the parachute, some started wrapping the egg in newspaper and throwing it around. The egg was almost destroyed and suffered a crack before we even tested the device.
I found the co-operation while making the parachute device is a little upsetting as some people have their own ideas and did not seek agreement from the group before making changes, affecting the final product with some unplanned modifications. I did the rope course rather easily just that I pulled at the rope (for holding onto) instead of leaning against it and it was more tiring the way I did it. 
I felt rather satisfied with my performance with creating the parachute device as I did co-operate with the class and listened to their ideas about cushioning the egg capsule with low pressure balloons and also using strays as the para-cord instead of rolled masking tape, and also scrapping the idea about stabilizers. In the outdoor activities, I also participated actively in belaying, I belief I helped with the belaying of about a third of the class or more, together with Sean, who also did as much. 
I need to improve on my performance while I was resting at the High Elements course, as I played with stones for a while, instead of cheering my friends who are doing the course. I sometimes also placed my hand wrongly on the rope while belaying, risking finger injuries if the person doing the course jumped/fell off without warning. I should have cheered my friends instead of playing rocks and also placed my hand according to what is safe, rather than easiness. 

1 comment:

  1. overall I have leant to play and do as a group to succeed. we also leant to face disappointment like the sponge fight was cancelled when we wanted to start playing.But throughout this orientation, I learnt more on my classmates on communicating with them and going through games with them. I want to thank the PSLfor helping us with the games and coming up with great things to do.