Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Daily Reminders: Wednesday, 02/07/2014

Dear S1-08, here are the assignments for today (Wednesday, 02/07/2014)
*Only applies to people who are involved.

Homework Due Tomorrow (Thursday, 03/07/2014):

1. Chemistry: Watch video at and answer Page 7, Question 1 to 5 of "Worksheet 01 Classes and Properties of Materials.

2. Mathematics: Complete "Example 2" of page 3, of worksheet: "Unit: Direct and Inverse Proportions".

3. *Higher Chinese: Describe a situation during the June Holidays by filling up a column in:

Homework Due After Tomorrow:

1. *Higher Chinese: Complete composition (June Holidays homework) if you had not done so. (Due: Friday, 04/07/2014)


1. Bring S&W attire tomorrow (Thursday, 03/07/2014) and stay in class for S&W.

2. Temperature taking exercise to be commenced tomorrow (Thursday, 03/07/2014). Bring functioning thermometer.

3. Wear casual clothing (with the exception of offensive material) on Friday for Youth Day Celebration. You many also bring some money for donations.

Thank you and have a nice day!

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