Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Dear S1-08, here are the tasks for today (Tuesday, 15/04/2014):

Assignments Due ON Wednesday, 16/04/2014:

1. Integrated Humanities: Complete table on topic: "Water Management in SG". (Due: Wednesday, 16/04/2014)

2. Innovation & Entrepreneurship: Post on "S1-08 I&E Global Challenges and Solutions" your responses under tabs "Problem Statements 1~5". (Due: Wednesday, 16/04/2014)

Assignments Due AFTER Wednesday, 16/04/2014:

1. Integrated Humanities: Complete "07 Water Resources.iba" and submit via your IH Google Drive folder. (Due: Thursday, 17/04/2014)

2. Physics: Complete "Homework 2: Speed". (Due: Thursday, 17/04/2014)

3. Art, Design, Media and Technology: Fully complete "SA2 Infographics Visual Journal" and ready for submission. (Due: Thursday, 17/04/2014, 2359 Hours)

4. Finalize "Physics AA: Myth-busting" and submit. Ms Tan posted our tentative scores on a Google Form, you may access it via your @s2014.sst.edu.sg email account. (Due: Friday, 18/04/2014, 2359 Hours)

5. Interdisciplinary Research Studies: Create group iBook about the environmental issue you group had been assigned to research about. (Due: Term 2, Week 10)

That is all for this today.

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