Thursday, 3 April 2014

Daily Reminders: Thursday, 03/04/2014

Dear S1-08, here are the tasks for today (Thursday, 03/04/2014):

Assignments Due Tomorrow (Friday, 04/04/2014):

1. Physics: "Homework 1: Physical Quantities and Units", to be handed up together with a mind map summarizing the topic.

2. Mathematics: Finish 8 questions on "Cross Factorization".

Assignments Due After Tomorrow:

1. English: Complete "Piktochart" infographic about comprehension question types and how to answer them. [Due: Sunday, 06/04/2014 (2200 hours)]

2a. Art, Design, Media and Technology: Complete "SA2 Infographics Visual Journal" up till Slide 18. (Due: Monday, 07/04/2014)

2b. Art, Design, Media and Technology: Fully complete "SA2 Infographics Visual Journal" and ready for submission. (Due: Term 2, Week 5)

3. Physics: Complete full report and take a video of your selected myth investigation. (Due: Term 2, Week 4)

4. Interdisciplinary Research Studies: Create group iBook about the environmental issue you group had been assigned to research about. (Due: Term 2, Week 10)

Have a nice day!

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