Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Daily Reminders: 11/03/2014

Dear S1-08, here are the reminders for today (11/03/2014):


Assignments Due Tomorrow (Wednesday, 12/03/2014):

1. Innovation & Entrepreneur (I&E): Ready slideshow for presentation. (presentation must be of at least 4 slides)

2. Science (Physics): Prepare proposal of myth for presentation and discussion tomorrow. (individual: do your own part)

Assignments Due After Tomorrow:

1. English: Prepare English File for submission, with parent's signature on each checklist. (Due: Thursday, 13/03/2014)

2. English: Write book summaries and bring books (only if you had read 5/10 books) to claim "Enthusiastic Reader" and/or "Voracious Reader" badge/s. (Due: Thursday, 13/03/2014)

3. Information Communications Technology (ICT): Make an short animation with Keynote or other platforms. (Due: Monday, 17/03/2014)

This was posted rather late, but it is just a reference, still do take your own notes! =)

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