Tuesday, 7 January 2014

reflection on the 3 days

Baheera binte mohamed ali

Yesterday,sad to say was our last day of orientation.But of course I had loads of fun with all my wonderful classmates.I  had most fun with my classmates in the amazing race.It as extremely fun.We had water games and other games as well.I personally liked the water games as we had lots of class bonding when we were playing them.We as a class worked together to very harmoniously and tried to win the games.Through that process we got to know each other better.
Not to forget the PSL's who were really of great help.Without them i think i wouldn't have enjoyed my three days of orientation interacting with them and creating a bond with them
Anyway yesterday we had to complete the class decorations.I think the class looks very fun after the decorations.I really hope that the parents would like our class decorations.I think after what the PSL's told us about the badge night i am really excited.I think what we did during the past three days of orientation has actually made the class become closer.
Any way i think we have to bid farewell to our fun filled orientation and relaxed days and welcome the life which is more stressful and filled with examinations.I am sooo excited for the lessons to start!!!Whoo Hoo!!!

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