Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Reflection Of 3 Days Of Orientation

Since i was young, my idea of an orientation was some teachers letting us watch some videos, but when the orientation started, i got a completely different idea. I never expected it to be this fun! 
During the 1st day of Orientation, we did some icebreakers, which were very fun, and we learnt how important teamwork was.
During the 2nd day of Orientation, we did high elements and more teambonding activities, we were assigned a few activities, and one of them was to go back to back and draw, it was pretty hard, but nevertheless quite fun. The High Elements was challenging, as it was to let us conquer our fear, i passed it quite quickly.
During the 3rd day of Orientation, we did the Amazing Race. We played Water Games, like Xtreme Rock Paper Scissors, but when we were waiting to play the sponge showdown, one of the teachers stopped it, for safety reasons, it was really disappointing.
Overall, I had fun, and I hope the school keeps up the good work for future Sec 1 students. 

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