Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Reflection For the 3 Days of Orientation

I thought after the first day of school, we would immediately start studying. I didn't expect the school and the PSLs to organise water games and high elements!!! It was so much fun and exciting. I hadn't had these kind of activities since Primary 5 Camp.  I know everyone says this but I mean it more. I had the best PSLs in the whole wide world. Probably because they are the only PSLs I know. :) During the high elements which was the most exciting event, I had to walk across a hard rope while holding another rope. I know all the students will know what I mean even though I can't describe it exactly. That means I had to.....
TRUST SOMEONE I JUST MET AND PRAY TO GOD THAT HE SAVES MY LIFE IF I FALL!!! Luckily they saved my life and I'm so happy that they like me. If they didn't... AHHHHHHHHHHHH! The sad thing of the entire orientation was we didn't get to do the sponge fight:( Overall, I have to thank the PSLs for doing organising this orientation unlike some schools who would have made it boring. - Thank you so much PSLs.
I know that in 2015, when the new students come to the school, you will make the orientation more fun for them then the following year. Keep up the fantastic work!

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