Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Reflection about the 3 days of Orientation

          The three days of Orientation was really meaningful to me and I really learned a lot in this few days. During the first day, I was, to be honest, nervous and scared, mainly because I only see unfamiliar faces when I look around. What make me even more scared is me forgetting to bring the storybook. Even during the ice-breakers I was still quite scared and didn't want to talk to anybody. Even so, I was guided smoothly through by our friendly PSLs who have taken time out to help us (their juniors) around the school. For the second day, I thought the high elements were going to be fun but when is was our turn, after I have gone up 12m high, Yong Jiang didn't dare to come up so I had to cross the course alone which is suppose to be done by two pupils, for that, I am quite proud of myself.On the third day it was quite sad for me as the third day just means that we will have to leave our PSLs and go on with class for the next four year but it was still quite fun and I really enjoyed the activities that they have planned for us. And before I end my reflection I  would really like thank our PSLs: Marcus, Rei Zhi and Natalie for all the effort that they have put in just to help us. Thank You

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  1. To correct you, it is spelled as Rui Zhi, instead of Rei Zhi. =P