Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Overall Orientation Reflections (Day 1-3)

On the first day of orientation, I was with S1-01 and it was rather fun as we tried our best to know each other better, thinking that it would be our class for the next two years, totally oblivious that I would be posted to S1-08. I had to start completely over again making friends and trying to know each other. It also meant I would not be able to meet my friends, whom I have met in S1-01, as often. On day two, which was my first day with S1-08, I met my new class and new PSLs. I had much fun in all the activities and the rope course. It was more intense and I was thrown into action with the class, without even knowing majority of their names. Still, I cheered on and participated actively. On day 3, we had limited time and so we could not complete every activity in the Amazing Race, however, it was not about winning, the main purpose teachers and PSLs put it up was about class bonding. Knowing others better, I had much fun in the activities. Sadly, we did not manage to complete what sounds the most fun, the sponge fight, due to safety issues, which still comes first. I enjoyed the orientation a lot, with much thanks to the PSLs, who took great care of us, introducing us to the community of SST and everything. I appreciate everyone who had spent time and effort preparing all these for us.

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