Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Orientation Reflection

At the start of Orientation I didn't really know the class at all. I was really nervous and afraid. But after a few ice breakers I managed to make a few friends that I could talk to and relate to. Of course, the PSLs were always there to guide us. We learnt how important class spirit and teamwork was through the games that required all of us to co-operate and be patient with one another.
On the second day we had more games. They taught us that clear communication was important. With all of the voices crowding together we could not hear our teammate's individual instruction. The back to back drawing also taught us that precision in instruction was key. The high elements was a good analogy of how important balance was.
The third day was very fun. On top of the many games we played, we got to bond with one another even more. Although we might not have got into the top three positions for the amazing race (and we didn't get to have a sponge fight) , we had a lot of fun together .
I enjoyed the orientation very much and am grateful for the people who helped plan the wonderful event.

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