Tuesday, 7 January 2014

My reflections

The past few days were orientation. I really enjoyed a lot during orientation. However, when I first stepped into the school, I thought that the first few days of school will be like primary schools, with talks and briefings which are very boring. Instead, the first day itself was very fun. Unexpectedly, I made quite a lot of friends. Everyone were friendly and I easily got to know them and their interests. For this to happen quickly, I think that the activities planned in the orientation was the reason. Through fun games i learnt my classmates names and their hobbies. The PSLs were kind are friendly and they thought us somethings about the school which I find very useful to get to know about the school well. The station games was also helpful for me to get to know more about the school. We went around the school which made me get used to the surroundings well. I learnt how to work as a team and to participate actively.In day 2, we went for the high elements. Even though, it was my second time going there I still felt scared to balance on the ropes. However my wonderful classmates, cheered for me and encouraged me. Over there I learnt to not give up. In the amazing race, the class had to do activities together. When doing that i learnt to cooperate and work as a team to complete  each task. When i did not get a chance to attempt an activity i think i should have cheered for my classmates who were trying very hard to complete the task. In future i think i have to support for my classmates more and i am sure i will.  

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