Tuesday, 7 January 2014

My Overall Reflection

The 3 day of orientation was better than I thought,but the first day of school was quite scary because we didn't know each other so I felt very scared and nervous,but after making friends with Ryan,Jing Yu and others,I felt like I had known them for 1 year already.On the second day,I thought it will be very fun and it will not be scary at all,but the moment i was up there preparing to do the high rope course,I felt terrified and wanted to go down,but because of Ryan,I didn't go down because we will need 2 people to do it together.On the final day of orientation,I felt a bit sad because we will have to say goodbye to the PSLs,because we might not get the chance to see each other.Overall,i think that during this 3 days of orientation,I made a lot of new friends and learnt a lot of new things.

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  1. The 3 days of orientation were very fun.During the first day of the orientation,I made many friends and felt more comfortable around them.On the second day,we went for the high elements.I was nervous and terrified when I climbed up the pole.I felt like quitting when James fell off the course.On the third and final day,it was our last chance to spent time with our PSLs before lesson proper starts.I made many new friends and learnt to work together as a class.