Tuesday, 7 January 2014

My Overall Orientation Reflection.

It was very interesting and fun. Especially the Amazing Race as we had to run the school to complete some activities that were very fun. The first day felt good getting to know about our classmates as we would be work with them as a class for the next two years. I learnt more about our school's facilities through the orientation. The PSLs were very friendly an understanding. The high elements tested almost all student's perseverance as the activities were very high above the ground and most people feel afraid when being very high above the ground. Some of us (including myself) were very mischievous as we were playing with the pebbles on the ground during the high elements activity. The amazing race in day 3 of our orientation tested our stamina as we had to move from place to place all around the school as fast as we could because it was a race....against time. Unfortunately for us, we could not do the sponge fight as the teacher said, at the last minute, that it was not very safe. So, we went to another station and therefore completed our Amazing Race. I learnt that task are more easily completed in a group than individually.

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