Tuesday, 7 January 2014

My orientation reflection

Overall, the orientation was above my idea of an orientation (boring things, 'tell me about yourself', stay in the class for the whole day). It was so different it didn't even feel like an orientation, more like a camp (to the point where it felt we weren't going to a new school). I liked all the activities, from the first ice-breakers to the Amazing Race. The Amazing Race was a but unfair because most of the classes 'sabo' us, I'm pretty sure we had the most 'x's on our grids, but it was still fun. The High Elements was quite fun, just that it was WAY too bright to see our friends sometimes. The PSLs did a great job and I feel sometimes that they are the ones who deserve a round of applause. Well, time to get on with a boring school life, though with the MacBook it'll be different.

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