Thursday, 30 January 2014

Homework for wed(raynor)

Dear S108, this is the homework.
Zhi han might be unable to post. so I know you need to know and will post on the behalf of him
Homework Due after chinese new year:

1. Art, Design, Media & Technology: 1. Research on: What is the history of SEA Games?/What are the countries participating in the games? 2. Find 5 pictures of past year SEA Games logo with short sentences about the logo.  3. Find what is common between them. 4. Discuss the colours used in the logos, evaluate whether it is related to the country hosting the SEA Games or not. (Only use ".gov" or ".edu" websites for reference. Also, paste the link of the website you referred to. ) [due: Thursday, 30/01/2014(not confirmed)]

2. post your best high jump on the blog of S&W

3.Do your IH drawing of the tropical rainforest.

4. math paper Q1-8 (don't know when to hand up) the science paper Homework on Digestion and Cellular Respiration

6.  Do the science paper worksheet on Digestion and Cellular Respiration. Pg 9-13(answers can be found in the health science blog)

 Thats all I know. If there is more, comment.
Have a happy chinese new year!


  1. thank you raynor but i still dont know why zhihan has not posted it yet. he shld have done it yesterday...

  2. Thank you Raynor! This has been very helpful!

  3. I am doing it... omg [copyright^ hehehe]

  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!