Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Daily Reminders: Tuesday, 07/01/2014

Dear Class S1-08,
Reminders for today:
1. Return filled/signed dental consent form by 08/01/2014. (pass to Linda Tom)
2. Bring $2.35 to buy Reflections Booklet. (pass to James Lim)
3. Bring Science File (red) for submission.
4. Do overall reflections for Orientation. (day 1-3)
5. Research and prepare presentation for S&W. (house specific)
6. Maintain folder on Learning Device desktop for English Subject.
7. Bring English File (blue) (optional)
8. Buy and read book: Chinese Cinderella. (due: 13/01/2014)
9. Download notes for math. (download notes from: https://sites.google.com/a/s2014.sst.edu.sg/mathematics/2014-sec-1-learning-materials)
10. Math homework:
In the A4 size exercise book, write 1-50 in 4 different number systems (page 1) and hand up by 09/01/2014; write 341, 1259 and 999 in your group's ancient number symbol (page 2) and hand up by 09/01/2014. (Babylonian (Ryan's Group), Egyptian (Raynor's group), Mayan (Baheera's group), or Roman (Zhihan's group))


  1. Hey Thanks so much!!! This is really helpful.

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  5. BTW I updated it just now to include No. 8, do take note for people who checked it before I updated.

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