Monday, 27 January 2014

Daily reminders(Arvin)

As you all know, Zhi Han is absent for today. So, I'd like to tell the reminders for the class if you all don't mind. (This is only for today)

Homework which is due tomorrow

English - Write down the 8 traits of a character in the personal recount you wrote and read the story which was given by Miss Tay at the end of the lesson.

Homework which is not due tomorrow

Finish typing the ADMT work (history of Sea games, logos, etc) as soon as possible.

If I have missed out anything please tell me by commenting.
Thank you!


  1. Thank u very much Arvin for taking the initiative to post the reminders! It is very helpful.

  2. Thank you Arvin,you did well.

  3. Thanks a lot Man. These are really helpful.

    P.S. Good Job on your first time posting the Homework

  4. Thanks Arvin.
    But what do you mean by the personal recount?

  5. Thank you for going the extra mile and posting the homework since Zhi Han was absent:)