Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Daily Reminders: Tuesday, 21/01/2014

Dear S1-08, here are the task for today:

Homework Due Tomorrow:

1. Art, Design, Media and Technologies: Design a logo for the upcoming "SEA Games", Theme: United as One (due: Wednesday, 22/01/2014)

2. Art, Design, Media and Technology: Finish "Notan" design if you had not. (due: Wednesday: 22/01/2014)

3. Innovation & Entrepreneur: Generate a statement of not more than 20 words to describe the essence of innovation. (due: Wednesday, 22/01/2014)

4. English: Create a infographic using "Piktochart" (http://piktochart.com) (Title: "Why must we speak effectively?" Content: "What are the steps to speaking effectively?" (Posture, Breathing, Pitch, Tone, Pause, Pace, Power)) (due: Wednesday, 22/01/2014)

5. Integrated Humanities: Do iBook document: "03 Introduction to Fieldwork.iba" (due: Wednesday, 22/01/2014

Homework Due After Tomorrow:

1. Research on what are the roles of lines and shapes in logo design and post as a comment on ADMT blog, also check out some posts by Mrs Pennie Ong in the ADMT blog. (due: Thursday, 23/01/2014)

2. Interdisciplinary Research Studies: Research on whatever topic your group chose. (check email for IRS grouping) (due: Thursday, 23/01/2014)

Things to Bring:

Art, Design, Media and Technology: Bring Designer's Kit (due: Wednesday, 22/01/2014)


  1. really?
    then i think i read it wrongly, but tmr is wednesday