Thursday, 9 January 2014

Daily Reminders: Thursday, 09/01/2014

Dear S1-08, here are the assignments for today =)

(Temporary) Legend:
Mother Tongue
Integrated Humanities
Innovation & Entrepreneur
Sports & Wellness
Art, Design, Media & Technology
Interdisciplinary Research Studies


Science: Check out S1-08 Health Science Blog @ to watch video tutorial. Then, go to: and explore the virtual microscope. 

Art, Design, Media & Technology: Finish shoe drawing and bar-code design if you had not. (due: Monday, 13/01/2014)

Interdisciplinary Research Studies: Research on whatever topic your group chose. (due: Thursday, 16/01/2014)

Integrated Humanities: Finish chapter 1 of the worksheet found at the bottom of this page: (due: Tuesday, 14/01/2014) (you might already have downloaded it)

Math: If you had not done the work in school, you are supposed to do question 1-6 of the Math Worksheet. (if you had not downloaded it, download from: (due: Friday, 10/01/2014)


Active Assignments Assigned Before Today:

English: Purchase literature book "Chinese Cinderella" (assigned: Tuesday, 07/01/2014 due: Monday, 13/01/2014)


Interdisciplinary Research Studies: Check email for IRS grouping. 

Art, Design, Media & Technology: Pack "Designer's Kit" for future ADMT lessons (packing list is posted on another separate post above)

Good luck with your work, all the best, S1-08!!! =)


  1. Thank you Zhi han. By the way you actually forgot to add in the math hw

  2. I called Raynor and he said there is no Math homework?!

  3. Oh Sahithya, it was done in school by most of us! =P