Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Daily Reminder: Wednesday, 22/01/2014

Dear S1-08, here are the tasks for tomorrow.

Homework Due Today:

1. Innovation & Entrepreneur: Generate a statement less than 20 words about the essence of innovation. (post on I&E blog) (due: Wednesday, 22/01/2014, 6:00p.m.)

Homework Due Tomorrow:

1. Science: Post presentation and picture of cell model on Life Science Blog. (due: Thursday, 23/01/2014, 11:59p.m.)

2. English: Do handout on personal recounts. (due: Thursday, 23/01/2014)

3. Research on what are the roles of lines and shapes in logo design and post as a comment in Edmodo, also check out some posts by Mrs Pennie Ong on Edmodo. (due: Thursday, 23/01/2014)

4. Interdisciplinary Research Studies: Research on whatever topic your group chose. (check email for IRS grouping) (due: Thursday, 23/01/2014)

5. Integrated Humanities: Finish all 3 downloaded iBooks and prepare for submission tomorrow. (due: Thursday, 23/01/2014)

Homework Due After Tomorrow:

 1. Science: Do worksheet: "Homework: Transport in Humans" Question 7, 8, 9, 10 of Section A, Question 4 of Section B, Question 1 of Section C. (due: Friday, 24/01/2014)

2. Sports & Wellness: Post presentation on "Warm Up Procedures" on S&W blog. (due: Tuesday, 28/01/2014)

3. Sports & Wellness: Make a video with your "House" about the different NAPFA Test stations. ("House" specific) (due: Tuesday, 28/01/2014)


  1. No.He means the edmodo thing.

  2. No.He means the edmodo thing.

  3. Is it a must to hand in science tomorrow. I thought it was friday

  4. Also have s & w video for each house

  5. oh ya, yong jiang, we dunno, coz teacher tell us back then... SCIENCE IS HAND IN ON FRIDAY I JUST CLARIFIED WITH TEACHER

  6. Pardon my English up there =#