Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Daily Reminder: Wednesday, 15/01/2014

Dear S1-08, here are the things you need to do:

Homework for Today, Wednesday, 15/01/2014:

Homework Due Today:

1. English: Do quiz on "Chinese Cinderella" if you had not: (due: Today, 2359)

Homework Due Tomorrow:

1. Science: Work with a group of 4 and create a 3 dimensional cell model. (due: Thursday, 16/01/2014)

2. Math: Do page 16 and 17 of "Sec 1 Math 2014 Term 1 Notes" on foolscap paper. (due: Thursday, 16/01/2014)

3. Interdisciplinary Research Studies: Research on whatever topic your group chose. (check email for IRS grouping) (due: Thursday, 16/01/2014)

Homework Not Due Tomorrow:

1. Science: Do the whole of the worksheet: "Homework: Cells-Structure, Functions & Organisation" (due: Friday, 17/01/2014)

2. Science: Create Google Drive, Keynote or PowerPoint presentation about the specific topic your group is assigned to. Then research and add information into the presentation. (due: Friday, 17/01/2014)

3. English: Mark breathing spots and pauses for worksheet: "Practice Poem (COM10)" (due: Friday, 17/01/2014)

4. Sports & Wellness: Research an make a Keynote presentation on topic: "Warming Up Procedures" (due: Tuesday, 21/01/2014)

5. Integrated Humanities: Do page 2 (section 1) of iBook: "02 Systems and Change.iba" by uploading a picture of a system and explain how the system works. (download found @ (due: Thursday, 15/01/2014)


  1. Thanx for posting the homework but isn't the IH hw supposed to be in the homework due for tomorrow part.

  2. Zhihan cam you please try to post the homework earlier