Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Daily Reminder: Wednesday, 08/01/2014

Dear S1-08,
                    How was school today? Here are some tasks we have to do for today.
(it is still not the confirmed colour code as I have still not clarified the colour code for each subject)
Mother Tounge
Integrated Humanities
Innovation & Entreprenuer
Sports & Wellness

Homework Assigned Today:

1. Integrated Humanities: Research on what is IH and post answer in the document found on this page: (due Thursday, 09/01/2014) (Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the attachment, you need iBook Author to open the attachment, if I am right...)
2. Innovation & Entrepreneur: Research on subject: What is the relationship between innovation and entrepreneur (due Wednesday 15/01/2014)

Active Assignments Assigned Before Today:

English: Buy and read book: Chinese Cinderella (assigned 07/01/2014, due 13/01/2014)
Math: In the A4 size exercise book, write 1-50 in 4 different number systems (page 1) and hand up by 09/01/2014; write 341, 1259 and 999 in your group's ancient number symbol (page 2) and hand up by 09/01/2014. (Babylonian (Ryan's Group), Egyptian (Raynor's group), Mayan (Baheera's group), or Roman (Zhihan's group))

Notes for Today:

Integrated Humanities: Download iBook Author from App Store, after downloading the iBook Author App, download Integrated Humanities eJournal from link:

Integrated Humanities: Check our Mr Ron Tan's IH Parking Lot @

Forms: Sign and pass up "Verification & Updating of Personal Information in Student Data Management (SDM)" form to Linda Tom

Assign group roles for I&E: Recorder, Time Keeper, Leader, Presenter, Voice Controller

Good luck doing your work, class. =)


  1. um...first of all thank you for posting this...and i m not so sure how to post the integrated humanities research in the link u you mean in the ibooks?

  2. Thanks but I do not understand how to post the integrated humanities

  3. Thanks for posting the homework up Zhihan

  4. Thanks for posting the homework up Zhihan

  5. Post on the lesson page? But where?

  6. I think we post it on our own book in ibook author. Cause there is space there to fill it up and Mr Tan said that we will have our personal book with our own answers. So, yeah still thanks a lot Zhihan. The homework post was very helpful.

  7. No, you have to scroll down to the very bottom of the page to find the document. Yes, you do have to have iBook Author installed to open the file.