Tuesday, 7 January 2014

"Daily Reminder" Format Update Notification

Dear S1-08,
From tomorrow onward, I will try my best to make the Daily Reminders easier to read, first, by adding color codes for every subject. I will try my best to match the color of the subject files with the color code of the subject in this blog. Now on, I will also add the day in front of the date and try my best to add a due date available. I will also post reminders on what to bring and current assignments.
Homework for Wednesday, 08/01/2014:

English Homework for Wednesday, 08/01/2014: 
1. ********** (due by Thursday, 09/01/2014)
2. *************** (due by Friday, 10/01/2014
3. ***** (due by Monday, 13/01/2014)
Science Homework for Wednesday, 08/01/2014: 
1. *************** (due by Friday, 09/01/2014)
2. ***** (due by Tuesday, 14/01/2014)
X Subject Homework for Wednesday, 08/01/2014:
1. ********** (due by Thursday, 09/01/2014
Y Subject Homework for Wednesday, 08/01/2014: 
1. ***** (due by Friday, 09/01/2014
2. *************** (due by Friday, 09/01/2014

Active Assignments Assigned before Today:

1. ***** (assigned: Tuesday, 07/01/2014; due: Monday, 13/01/2014)
X Subject: 
1. ********** (assigned: Tuesday, 07/01/2014; due: Friday, 10/01/2014)

Thing to Bring Other than Standard Items:

1. Blue File (due: **/**/****)
2. Exercise Book (due: **/**/****)

Thank you class,
Please do your work accordingly. If I missed anything by accident, I am sorry.


  1. Please tell me what you think, I we all agree and like the idea, It will then, be used.

  2. Can you add time deadline for online assignments? Thanks, and great job you're doing. :)

  3. Online assignments? As in?

  4. Reflections etc. all that, so we know what time to post