Thursday, 23 January 2014

CCA Option Forms

Dear S1-08,

The closing date for submission of your CCA Option Form is 27 Jan 2014 (Monday).

Please ensure that:

1) you have the form endorsed by your parent/guardian,
2) all 6 choices are filled up and are different,
3) if you have been informed that you are selected for a particular CCA, and that you wish to join that CCA, you will need to place that CCA as your 1st choice,
4) for those who have been informed that you have been selected by a particular CCA and you wish to choose that CCA, you will need to attend the CCA for the week starting 27 Jan 2014. For those who have not been selected, you will be informed of your CCA after Chinese New Year and you will start your CCA from then on.

Submit your form to Thuta by 27 Jan 2014 (Monday).

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